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Alpha Omega Campus Ministry

A student organization that strives to help inspire & equip students to develop a strong relationship with God.

Athletes In Action (AIA)

A Christ follower on every team, in every sport and in every nation.

Black Campus Ministry at UMD (BCM)

BCM or Black Campus Ministry is an ethnic specific group affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at UMD.

Chi Alpha Campus Ministry (XA Duluth)

Chi Alpha is a group of everyday people searching for God, friendship, and purpose in life.

Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA)

Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) aims to contribute to the cultural diversity of UMD, by holding a variety of cultural events every semester which are open to everyone on campus.

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

Christian Medical & Dental Associations exists to glorify God by motivating, educating, and equipping Christian healthcare professionals and students.

Cross Current (CC)

We often will have an information/outreach table where we seek to explain and discuss basic Christianity with fellow students if they are willing, and connect/build relationships with other students interested in this kind of a group.


Weekly meetings every Thursday in Montague Hall 80 at 8:30pm!

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IV)

We are an inter-denominational, multicultural community of students who seek to know the full life that Jesus offers. Weekly Large Groups are at 7:30pm in the Rafters!

Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM)

Lutheran Campus Ministry (ELCA) offers a Tuesday Evening Worship 7:30 pm in the UMD Garden Room and many opportunities for fellowship and community outreach. Mission statement: "Anchored in Christ's love, LCM is an open, welcoming, and caring community."

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