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Event Time and Date

Wednesday, January 11 2017, 6:00 PM to Wednesday, May 3 2017, 11:00 PM

SSB Club weeklies will be every Wednesday in LSBE 135 (One room down from last semester) from 6-11pm.


Dear all interested readers,

For Fall 2016, smash weeklies will be in LSBE 135 from 6-11pm. 

Please try your best to bring your own controller! If you don't have one, its a great investment. There will be extras usually but owning a controller is a great thing for a smasher.

If you are bringing a console, please also try to bring a TV with it

Flat screen tv/monitor for HDMI (WII U) and CRT for WII, GC, 64 (CHECK ON STREETS AND AT SAVERS/GOODWILL)

All other inquires ask in "Duluth Smash Crew!" on Facebook or SmashUMD on Facebook

LSBE 135